Thursday, November 17, 2011

my life....

Some times when you wait for someone.....

When you wait until he will talk...

When you wait until he text...

When you wait until he share....

It brings a lot of happiness......!!!


When we feel that waiting is just a disturb to that someone...

It hurts like HELL....

That's why I fear to let someone come near me....!!!!!


  1. So true to Girls..
    They always do that..
    but Waiting hurts..

    why did you put the topic as My Life?

  2. bcoz my life is this.. I dot let anyone to close me, bcoz its hurting..waiting brings a lot of happiness.. bt if that waiting brings a disturb to that someone? I dont really like loosing people,so best thing is not to close too much..

  3. අෆොයි.....! මෙන්න පරණ පෝස්ට් එකක් මුලට වැටුනා. ඒක පොඩි මුද්‍රණ දෝෂයක්.

  4. I will be right here waiting for you....!!

  5. mmm... very true nanga..
    I'm also waiting for someone like that..

    wherever you go
    whatever you do
    I will be right here waiting for you
    whatever it takes or
    how my heart breaks
    I will be right here waiting for you...

    But I know he will never come to me.. but I can't move on.. without him I'm not complete.. but just a part..

  6. @ තරුගේ ලෝකය

    @ Red Riding Hood
    ya akki, whom we expects will never come to us.. But in the meantime someone will come whom we never expects..

  7. yep true,. I'm afraid of falling in love again,. :((